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Whilst using a professional props supplier is a very key part of your work as a props master, there is, of course, a large amount of making, mending and restyling that needs to be done. Here at Stockyard Props, we know the pressures that props professionals face every day. To make thing a little easier, we have put together some great shortcuts to useful sites, and a few freebie downloads which you might find handy.

As well as these free resources, remember that nothing makes up for dealing with experienced professionals. We have decades of experience in the trade, and are only too happy to advise you on any props you need to hire or source. If you need help with period details for your set, we are experts on getting things right. Just call us and we’ll be delighted to chat informally – or you can drop in for a wander around if you prefer.

Useful sites and tutorials 

There are so many of these that sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. We’ve looked at all of the sites we recommend here with a professional eye, and think we have found some of the best. is an invaluable place to pick up tips on how to make just about anything. Have a trawl through and see what you can find.


Sometimes it’s good to get back to basics. This site has some very clear tutorials if you’re feeling rusty.

Papier Mâché

This is a very comprehensive site for tutorials about using Papier Mâché. Lots of ideas and inspiration for model makers.

Customising Props

If you need to change the look of a prop, then you will need plenty of skills in order to get it right. Here are just a few to get you going:

Adding rust to your props

Weathering Props

Special Effects


Internet Movie Firearms Database

This is clearly run by completests. You will find every weapon used in every film production ever made.

Medical History

The Science Museum hosts a searchable permanent collection.

Pinterest Boards

Make full use of Pinterest when researching looks. It’s an invaluable resource. Check out these Pinterests boards for inspiration on:

Fantasy Props

Steampunk DIY

Victorian Costume

Georgian Style


Just so useful for every period you need to research. The Learning Resources Centre is a superb.


Deviant Art is really useful site for inspiring your set design. Some generous artists have provided free downloadable artwork for you to print off and use.

Steampunk gauges I

Steampunk gauges II

Star Trek labels

Blood bag labels

Vintage Labels 

More Free Stuff is a brilliant site for ideas and the owner, Cathe Holden, is always giving away amazing resources. You will find DIY tutorials. Here are just a few of the downloads you can get from her Freebies Page.

Apothacary Labels

Vintage US Misc I

Vintage US Misc II

Luggage Labels

Cathe has everything from adverts, font samples, bookplates, book covers, and a whole lot of other stuff we’ve never even heard of. Great online resource.